How do i surrender a cat to you? 

We’re sorry to hear you need to surrender a cat. All surrenders are accepted by the manager, over the phone, during business hours ONLY. Please call first to see if we have space. We are a no-kill cat shelter that does NOT return to field, so our ability to take surrendered is heavily dependent of space and vet finances.

Will you accept ___ type of pet?

We only house cats in our building. Give us a call to see if we know of a shelter or non profit, currently running, that deals with your kind of pet.

Do you have free or low cost vet care?

Unfortunately, We do not have any veterinarians on site. We recommend FL Aid to Animals or Brevard Spay and Neuter as low cost options for routine vet care. If it is a life threatening emergency, please take them to an emergency facility, either Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital or Animal Specialty and Emergency Center are the options in the area, locally.

Do you have any kittens? 

Kittens go fast, we try to get them put on our Petfinder once they show a personality to write about, but your best bet is to come in and see who we have, or give us a call. All kittens only leave the shelter after being spayed or neutered, when they can be fixed depends on health and weight, so most kittens go out, at the earliest, between 12 to 14 weeks of age.

How much is it to adopt a cat? What should I bring? 

The adoption fee is $90.00 ($92.25 if using a card), all cats are either spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, tested for FIV and FeLV, microchipped and dewormed. Please bring a cat carrier with you, we do not provide carriers by default. You may also be asked to provide valid picture identification, and a copy of your lease, if you rent and there is a clause that says you are allowed pets. 

What is the adoption process? 

Expect to be here at the very least a half hour, but we urge everyone to spend time with the cats to find who comes to you If a cat doesn’t seem to like a potential adopter, such as hiding or running away, it is at the discretion of management whether that adoption will proceed. Expect a short interview and some paperwork. If needed, a non refundable deposit of $30 can be put down to hold the cat, which we will hold for up to a week for setting up their new home. The deposit will go towards the adoption fee, but the adoption fee must be paid in full when the cat leaves the building. No adoptions are started during the last half hour we are open.

Can I foster cats or kittens?

Yes! Please go to volunteer at the top of the page and choose foster when filling out the form, someone will email you to talk about what your experience or interests are. Please note, all fosters will be on a list, and there will probably be a wait before you get your first foster, we do not accept animals that will need fostering unless we have a foster waiting in the wings, ready to scoop them up and take care of them!